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Letter: Vote for Dotta in District 2

We are fortunate to have two good younger gentlemen running for District 2 Commissioner. I had the privilege of serving as a County Commissioner from 2006-2009. I know and understand firsthand the demands on the commissioners and what it takes to perform all of their duties for the county, including at the regular monthly meetings, the special meetings, committee work, county activities and other functions.

I was particularly impressed that Matt Dotta is willing to leave a good position in the County Assessor's office in order to become a commissioner. Also, this will give him the freedom and flexibility to devote the time that I know is required to perform the duties of a commissioner.

Also, I agree with Matt Dotta that in order for the county to be successful in facing the numerous challenges of the future, the county needs a long-term vision for the future and a plan on how to achieve its goals.

It is for these reasons that I strongly encourage the District 2 voters to vote for Matt Dotta on November 6.

Doc Carlson