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Letter: Vote Diana Sweeney for judicial seat

I am writing in regards to the upcoming judicial election. I am originally from Menahga, and recently

moved back. As you may be aware, Diana Sweeney is running against John Melby for judge. I had

the fortune to have "Dee" as my mentor when I started practicing law in 2005. Dee has over 20 years of experience as an attorney and is one of the best lawyers I know. Much of her practice now involves representing children and the poor. On top of that, she still manages to devote significant time to volunteering in Bemidji.

There are probably no other elected positions that have such a direct impact on individuals in the community. This election is vitally important and there is no doubt in my mind that Diana Sweeny is more qualified, more experienced, and most competent candidate. I will be

voting for Dee in the upcoming election and hope that you do the same. Thank you.

Erica Lynn Hill Austad