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Letter: Vote for Democrats

The Forum/Enterprise editorial in last week's paper was empty of specifics on just what a Romney presidency would be able to accomplish. As a venture capitalist, he had ample capital and capable strategists to identify companies they could buy into and gain control over to take whatever action was necessary to turn huge profits. As President, he has no capital at his direct disposal so the strategies he employed at Bain do not apply. His tenure as Governor of Massachusetts led to a less than 40% approval rating and an almost sure defeat if he ran for re-election. Even his successful management of the Olympics required an infusion of government funds.

He has yet to show: his tax returns, what tax loopholes and deductions he intends to eliminate, how adding 7 trillion to the debt while reducing tax revenues will bring us back to fiscal solvency, how 40 million more people with health care under the Affordable Care Act will benefit by repealing it, how much safer we will be if we spend 2 trillion more on weapon systems even the military says we don't need, how his plans will create 12-13 million new jobs (which is the same number economists predict under Obama's plans anyway), how his party's anti-woman agenda with regards to equal pay, reproductive and general health, definition of rape, violation of a really good thing, how relaxing or eliminating economic and environmental regulations will immediately result in good paying jobs in the Park Rapids or any other area, how it makes sense to put back an identified 700 billion in Medicare waste, inefficiencies, and fraud to the offenders instead of funding general health care deficiencies covered under the Affordable Care Act while extending Medicare solvency for an additional 10 years with no reduction in patient benefits, how pushing basic social services to the states will serve the common many unanswered Romney issues.

We would all like to have a faster recovery from the deep economic hole Obama inherited from the Bush/Cheney years but the fiscal house is back in order, Wall St. and the Banks are flush with money, housing is creeping back, unemployment is down, and Obama's jobs and economic growth plan is ready to go if Congress will act. The recovery would have been much faster if the Republican House Majority's refusal to compromise, the no tax increase Grover Norquist pledge, and the stated highest priority of Senate Minority leader, Mitch McConnell, to limit Obama to one term, would have been replaced with a spirit of cooperation we have a right to expect of our elected officials.

In summary, there is nothing positive enough in Romney's plans or his background to risk going back to the same policies that got us into this mess. We're going forward. Let's stay the course under people we know and policies we trust. Vote the Democrat ticket - Barack Obama for President, Amy Klobuchar for Senate, Rick Nolan for House, and Brita Sailer for State Representative. You'll have no Romney regrets.

Lee Purrier

Park Rapids