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Letter: Volunteers needed for Living at Home

I am continually amazed to see the spunk and independence of our elderly neighbors! A large majority of them are still living in their own homes and apartments. I've recently visited seniors who are blind, survivors of strokes and also those who have dementia. I've met sons caring for their mothers and a wheelchair-bound woman who is still canning produce!  And many of these seniors are in their late eighties or nineties!

At Living at Home of the Park Rapids Area, we match seniors with volunteers who help them live as independently as possible. We are getting many calls for help. But more volunteers are needed in order to match each senior who requests a volunteer.  We particularly need volunteers who stay most of the winter and who are available for two hours per week or will be on call for rides.   Cleaning, shopping, driving and visiting are all frequent requests. 

Please give us a call at 732-3137 if you are interested in helping out. Our community is known for caring for our elders. Let's continue this wonderful tradition and enable our seniors to remain in the place they call "home."

Beth Waller

Eldercare Services Coordinator

Living at Home of the Park Rapids Area