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Letter: Veterans Day an important holiday

Veterans Day affords all of us a special opportunity to honor the deeds of those who sacrificed so much to answer the call to arms during the life of this great country.

Unfortunately, just like those before, the problems for many of those returning from our current conflicts range from finding a job to dealing with their long absence from their family and community.

Many of our vets face numerous health issues after leaving service whether the problems are physical, mental or both. There are scars of war that millions of vets deal with every day. Lost limbs, gunshot wounds and head injuries are just some of the physical scars left by war that can be seen walking down the street.

But some of the scars not visible to the naked eye are post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Not only are these hidden problems hard on the veteran, but their family and friends may suffer as well.

This holiday is not only important because we are celebrating their courage and bravery during the war but also because of their ongoing attributes after.

Veterans Day is about remembering. Remembering those who went to war for us, especially those who didn’t come back and those that have returned. Let us not forget those who have served in the past and those who serve today.

This Veterans Day is Monday, Nov. 11. I urge each of you to salute a veteran in your own way – say thanks or a prayer, fly the Flag, but remember they gave up everything for our country and for us – the least we can do is remember and say thank you.

Pam Mortenson

Detroit Lakes