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Letter: Two distinct choices in upcoming election

Two recent letters to the editor in the Park Rapids Enterprise show the distinct choices Americans face in the coming election.

The first letter writer talked about how Paul Ryan has tried for 14 years to make his Catholic religion the law of the land, a religion that commands that doctors let women die rather than perform an emergency abortion to save their lives. The writer's position is that government does not have the right to choose which church everyone must follow especially when it comes to women's medical decisions.

The second letter supports Ryan's position of forcing his beliefs on everyone, citing a website with "scientific" facts. The website was full of myths that have been soundly rejected by reputable scientists, like women who have abortions have an increased risk of breast cancer and are more likely to suffer from depression, that women who are "legitimately raped" can't get pregnant, etc. Unfortunately, many Republican candidates won't repudiate these statements.

Make no mistake, there is a vast difference between Democrats and Republicans in this election. Republicans on national and state levels have voted to make it almost impossible for a woman to get life-saving medical care. If their platform becomes law (the Human life Amendment), 90 percent of birth control will be outlawed, including the Pill and IUDs. Every single Republican member of the U.S. House (including Chip Cravaak) voted this spring for no abortion even to save the life of the mother.

What choices do we want the government to make for us? I personally don't want to be forced by the government to follow a religion so medieval in its thinking that it says you can rape a child and remain a priest but if you're a doctor who performs an emergency abortion to save a woman's life, you get excommunicated.

Kirsten Mickelson

Perkins, Okla.