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Letter: Tube Dude sculpture is a go

This letter is a huge “thank you” to so many people who have made the purchase of a biking sculpture for the Red Bridge Park become a reality!

To accomplish a project like this the Itascatur Biking Club and the Hubbard Biking Club enthusiastically encouraged a quilt raffle as the vehicle to raise the funds. Dan Walker and the Park and Beautification Board as well as the Arts and Cultural Commission gave their hearty endorsements which really jumpstarted the efforts of so many.

People from the biking clubs sold and bought tickets, donations came in because of the excellent article written by Jean Ruzicka and many donors throughout our wonderful city and beyond gave us funds.  We sold tickets during the Kinship spaghetti dinner as well as during the day of the Headwaters 100 Ride ... and we accomplished our goal!

The drawing for the quilt will be at 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26 at the warming house at Soaring Eagle. The winner will be drawn from the 700 tickets sold.

A Tube Dude Biker Sculpture will be installed next spring to bring smiles to all who access the Heartland Trail from the Red Bridge Park.

Thank you so much to anyone who helped to accomplish this. Your generosity is appreciated and will be visible as the first sculpture to grace Park Rapids.

Liz Smith

Park Rapids