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Letter: The truth about residence

This letter is response to Mr. Gilbertson's assertions that I am not a resident of Hubbard County. His claim is patently false. Prior to filing my affidavit of candidacy, I anticipated this challenge and researched the requirements of residency. Here is a summary of the law concerning residency: 1. Generally, the only requirements to establish residency are physical presence and intent; 2. Minn. Const. Art. VII § 6 states a candidate is eligible for any office "in the district wherein he has resided 30 days previous to the election..."; and 3. With respect to political candidates residency "is in the precinct where the individual lives and usually sleeps." Minn.Stat. § 200.031 (h). I established my residency in Hubbard County on July 1, 2010 by moving into and primarily sleeping at a home I own jointly with my siblings through a trust with the intent of making it my home. A proper record search will show the property I am residing at is owned by the Welte Family Trust Life Est. Etal. In addition, I am a 1998 PRAHS graduate, have practiced law within Hubbard County for six years, and have family ties in Hubbard County going back over 30 years. Simply put - I am a resident. Yes, I own a home in Perham, MN. I have never hidden this fact. Many people in Hubbard County own multiple homes. It is a shame Mr. Gilbertson felt it necessary to attack me without all of the facts or an adequate understanding of how residency is established. Perhaps his letter was motivated by the fact I represented the ex-husband of his current wife in various proceedings. Having all the facts is critical before making allegations similar to Mr. Gilbertson's. My appreciation of this fact is exactly why I should be the Hubbard County Attorney. My decisions will be based upon all of the facts and a solid application of the law.

Nathaniel Welte

Park Rapids