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Letter: Trees are an important legacy

The hanging baskets of flowers are a beautiful touch to Park Rapids and they are kept beautiful by the sponsors of each basket. Thank you.

The boulevard trees in Park Rapids aren’t so lucky. They rely on each property owner to care for them, a responsibility I was reminded about today when I called the city to express concern for the condition of the trees on the Highway 34 side of our frontage road.

The trees on the Highway 34 corridor are about five years old – not yet old enough to care for themselves. Through a beautification grant we tax payers spent about $35,000 for the city to plant them. Now the boulevard trees throughout the city need us to keep them healthy. The mayor has assured us that the city will step up its efforts, but we also need to do our part. Trees are a legacy to pass on to future generations. Flower baskets last for just one season.

Florence and Carter Hedeen

Park Rapids