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Letter: Thanks for support of Nevis Pig Races

It is with incredible gratitude, that we thank everyone involved in making the fifth annual running of the Nevis Pig Races a grand success.

To the volunteers: Thank you for your wonderful spirit and assistance. None of this could have been accomplished without the donation of time and energy by my family, the Lindows, the Nevis Lions and the Nevis Chamber members. A special shout out goes to Tyler Kromkowski who wore the pig outfit during the 4th of July parade in Park Rapids and during both races Sunday. If you thought it was hot out, just ask Tyler!

Thanks to city maintenance (Don Umthun and crew) who helped with signs, set up and clean up – stepping up as they do every year!

To the pig sponsors: Your contributions and enthusiasm make it easier to hold the event and added to the excitement of each race. Special thanks to Bernick’s and the Nevis Chamber for their generous donations, and to Gary Dauer, the pig master, and his crew for the entertaining show.

Next up – Nevis Pig Races VI – July 6, 2014!

Dave McCurnin