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Letter: Thanks for help with first annual event

We would like to thank everyone who came out to Emmaville for our “Annual Centennial” on June 14. Although this was our first attempt at a major celebration and the weather was less than cooperative, everyone seemed to have a great time.

We would like to thank the members of our planning committee: Betty Haukebo, Alice and Del Holz, Margaret and Al Bruns, Joe Scharber, and Roger Olson, for all their creative ideas and efforts to make the day special.

We would also like to thank Dave Beck, Jane Rautio and LaVonne Edelman for all their help and especially for donating the bikes we gave away. Thanks to the Englund family for putting on the minnow races. And thanks to Denny and Judy Strange for donating the print for the silent auction.

Our thanks to Carl and Joyce Peterson for helping us organize the Emmaville All School Reunion. Also thanks to Luette Schottmer for calling bingo. Last but not least, thanks to “Incredibly Real” and “After Hours” for providing great music.

Thanks to the generosity of all who attended, we will be able to make donations from the proceeds to the Headwaters Animal Shelter and the Nevis Dollars for Scholars program.

We look forward to see you all again next year for the “2nd Annual Centennial!”

Mike and Melinda Spry

Park Rapids