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Letter: Thank you for the memories

I have one word that describes how I feel and that is gratitude.

As I celebrate my retirement and my service to this community. I am reflecting on all the friends I have made. All the changes I have gone through. All the memories I have collected. All the lessons I have learned. All the fears I have conquered. All the lives I have been privileged to touch.

I am humbled and touched by all the love and kindness that surrounded me at my retirement party. Thank you does not seem enough to those that give of their time and talent to give me an amazing send-off party. I received lots of gas cards and gift cards that will come in very handy as we fill the tank and head on down the road. I am celebrating my journey and know that I am blessed indeed.

Thank you to the wonderful Chamber Board members, chamber members, chamber volunteers, chamber staff and close friends. Thank you GFO committee chairs and volunteers.

Our community has much to be grateful for. The passionate, committed people that give so much of themselves to make our area all that it can be makes us a very special community indeed.

New people continuously appear willing to bring their gifts to the table of progress and community

I know you will continue to welcome them and make them feel at home. That is the amazing thing about involvement – the intangible rewards for the giver and receiver are priceless indeed.

The list of those I am grateful to is so long that as I began to name names it became clear after about 400 names I will spare you that list and so I will say that it has been a privilege to serve you all.

My fondest hope is that our community continues to move forward with the many projects underway and to embrace new ideas that come forth. I plan to return and visit often.

I am looking forward to a new phase of my life and plan to stay very busy.

I have made a new choice … I choose an attitude of gratitude and fearlessly embark on a new journey.

Thanks for the memories...

Katie Magozzi

Park Rapids Chamber