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Letter: Take time to talk with Akeley city officials

When I read the statement given by Jerry Tatro in the Pilot Independent last week, I became concerned. Mr. Tatro stated that the Akeley City Council was unapproachable.

I was also amused because when Mr. Tatro was given the chance to present his agenda before citizens of Akeley at the town hall meeting on the 15th, he declined the invitation.

Mr. Tatro, you haven't attended a single city council meeting in over a year.

There have been budget meetings where the council has worked hard and reduced our annual budget. They have initiated plans to improve our city and they do care about everyone in our town, not just a select few. How can you make such a statement? What or who are you basing your facts on?

In the past, I have filed complaints with the city. There are complaint forms located at city hall. The ordinance for filing a complaint is in place and it needs to be followed. I have received action from the city council every time I've filed a complaint.

Sometimes the answer is not what I wanted. Other times I have received the result I asked for. Not getting the answer you want, and not getting an answer are two different things.

If you want to truly help the city, don't base your agenda of the rantings of disgruntled people at the local coffee shop. Take the time to find out what is really going on. Talk to people who are working to help make Akeley better.

Andrea Thelin