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Letter: Tainted dog treats are a tragedy

I read with sadness the story about Emma and Mr. and Mrs. Kriesel. I lost my own sweet German Shepherd, Heidi, to tainted chicken jerky treats, on May 28, 2012.

I read where Mr. Kriesel still sees the tainted treats on store shelves, which bothers him. And he said, "We need to slow down people buying them so the distributors will be forced to stop putting them" into distribution channels," It bothers me, too. It bothers over 67,000 of us.

I am a member of a Facebook group called "Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made In China," which has a campaign going to put pressure on local retailers to remove dangerous dog treats from their shelves.

This campaign is directed toward major chain retailers asking them to restore our trust and take dangerous dog treats off the shelves. We have attracted media attention and we have been corresponding with the corporate offices of the retailers to whom the petition is directed.

Emma, like Heidi, deserved better. No dog should die from eating a treat. Ever. Thank you for raising awareness to this issue which continues to claim dogs' lives every day, because too many people still just don't know.

Rita DeSollar

Pekin, Ill.