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Letter: SWCD looking for board members

Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District needs you.

As vice chair of Hubbard County SWCD, I want to say thank you to Don Rettinger from District One and Carol Berg from District Two who, after many years of service, are retiring. This, however, gives us the need to fill these positions.

A District Supervisor is an elected position to be filled by someone who lives in the district. We hold monthly meetings and, while not paid a salary, we do receive compensation for attending meetings and are reimbursed for expenses.

The SWCD Board and Staff offer advice, financing and technical assistance to landowners on clean water and soil conservation issues. We do not act as an enforcement unit of government. Go to our website at to see the many programs we engage in.

If you live in District One (Fern, Rockford, Helga, Lake Hattie, Schoolcraft, Lake Alice or Lake George) or in District Two (Farden, Guthrie, Hart Lake, Hendrickson, Lakeport or Steamboat) and are willing to serve as a District Supervisor, please contact the SWCD office at 732-0121.

Bill Clausen