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Letter: Support Menahga's school bond issue

Menahga's alumni consistently speak fondly of their years at Menahga School. Their parents and grandparents work hard to keep the school in good condition. Now it's our turn to pass that gift forward.

I look at our town and think that we are open minded and want to build strong, creative minds. I have walked down the halls when school has been in session and kids are almost sitting on each other. How can children learn when some don't even have a desk to set books on when the teacher is wholeheartedly trying to teach?

With the upcoming children in elementary the classes that we have will not be enough. Many Christmas concerts parents stand at the back wall to watch kids sing. Last year many parents had to stand in the hallway not even able to get to the doorway to see the concert.

Please support the building bond issue on April 13.

Kim Johnson