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Letter: Substance more important than grammar

Mr. Tom Jones of Eugene, Ore., obviously missed the point of my letter which was in criticism of President Obama.

It was not an issue of grammar. I’ve been a freelance writer for over half a century and I am sure hundreds of articles and short stories I have had published, I’ve made plenty of grammatical errors. But I guess the editors and readers were more interested in the substance of the material.

And Mr. Jones says I get all of my information from Fox News. What? There are other news channels? Seriously, CNN and the networks like ABC, NBC and CBS are so far to the left and so deep into the Obama camp that they can hardly be considered credible news sources.

And I know enough about racism to know that it is a two-way street. In Vietnam I fought side by side with black soldiers. We got along very well. Of course racism still exists. But a lot of it is exhibited by black politicians and black activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. And under Mr. Obama our country is more racially divided than it has ever been.

And, Mr. Jones, I have plenty of self-pride and consider myself much more informed than you’ll ever be. You still support a failed president whose own party is turning against him. If Iam so ignorant in exposing myself to the public, why do I get so many compliments on my articles and why do so many people agree with my views?

Are they also ignorant and uninformed?

If anyone has a tormented soul it must be Mr. Jones because when one lashes at someone who disagrees with their views, that is a sign of torment and frustration.

Oh, by the way, if you get a chance to read this letter, Mr. Jones, feel free to correct any grammatical errors I might have made. Blame it on my high school English teachers or my English college Professors.

Tom R. Kovach