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Letter: Stop Obama, save lives

The subject of abortion is often avoided because it is considered too controversial. For Christians this issue should be quite simple. We believe that we are created by a loving God in the image and likeness of God. God's greatest gift to us is sharing his eternal life with us. If we are all created by God, and loved by God, how can we justify snuffing out his creation through abortion? Since Roe v. Wade more than 50 million unborn children have lost their lives to abortion in this country alone. We are sacrificing our children to the false Gods of convenience and affluence.

The current administration not only allows abortion but promotes it in this country and abroad. The new radical plank in the Democratic platform places no limits on abortion, not even on partial birth abortions or sex selection abortions. Now they plan to force all taxpayers to fund abortion, sterilization and birth control. Through Obama Care they are trying to force all religious based institutions to act contrary to their religious beliefs by offering these "free services" to everyone, funded 100 percent with taxpayer dollars.

Every state in the union had laws protecting the unborn until they were struck down by the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision. Consider our current Supreme Court line up... Ruth Bader Ginsburg (pro-abortion) is 79 and has cancer; Anthony Kennedy (pro-life to 'moderate') is 76; Antonin Scalia (pro-life) is 76; Stephen Breyer (pro-abortion) is 74; Clarence Thomas (pro-life) is 64; Samuel Alito (pro-life) is 62; John Roberts (pro-life) is 58; Sonia Sotomayor (very pro-abortion) is 58 and Elena Kagan (radically pro-abortion) is 52. The last two justices mentioned were appointed by our current President.

The next President will likely appoint one or more new Supreme Court judges for lifelong terms. If we re-elect this President and a Democrat Congress in November we will likely have a pro-abortion Supreme Court the rest of my life and well into the future. Can we expect God to continue blessing this country if we persist in destroying human life?

Jerry Noel

Park Rapids