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Letter: Some wishes for the year 2014

As for me, I’d like 2014 to be a year:

Where in education … school boards throw out their “zero tolerance” policy toward children regarding small infractions of rules. These are children, for goodness sake, prone to make mistakes - mistakes they will learn from. A soft “talking to” quietly and privately administered should be sufficient.

Where in education … American schools will require the teaching of virtues, reinstate recess and push the reading of stories featuring courage, boldness and truthfulness. Boys and girls learn respect for the trades and have opportunities for lots of high energy activity in the gym, on the playground and on the playing fields.

Where in politics … More Americans come to appreciate the importance of having a two-party system, we hear fresh words from young leaders who champion truth and new, creative ways are found to help move our country toward its proclaimed goal of “forming a more perfect union.”

Where in families … Children learn the importance of gratitude and the other virtues, among which are courage, respect, courtesy, patience and kindness.

Where in families … Young people learn that the hard path of duty will bring its reward. And if they act boldly when it is time for them to break their own trail it will lead them to high positions and honor.

Where in religion … Pope Francis continues to give the world a new sense of hope.

Where in religion … Fresh, strong voices speak out in defense of freedom of religion and in doing so remind our government of its limited and proper place in our society. Perhaps then we will see a better power balance among our judicial, legislative and executive branches.

Ray Pearson

Park Rapids Class of 1944