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Letter: Some still exemplify 'Minnesota Nice'

The Christmas Spirit is alive and well in full force near Park Rapids by the owners of the Spirit Lake Motel in Menahga.

The incident began with a birthday lunch with a high school friend at the Mall of America. After lunch, we sat on a bench to plan our next move and as we gathered up our parcels and coats,

I left my purse on the bench. Reaching for the purse at our next shop, we hurriedly realized what happened and rushed back to find the bench empty. We went through all the moves; calling security, filing a complaint, etc., but in a location as large as the mall, with so many people and so close to Christmas, we felt pretty hopeless about ever seeing it again.

Security had told us to start calling banks and credit card companies within 15 minutes of losing it and when I called home to "confess" to my husband and ask him to look up the phone numbers of the credit cards, he said "someone just called to say they found it and here is her phone number".

Within minutes we had met up with these very kind people and got back the purse, checkbooks and cell phone, all intact and undisturbed.

The relief of not having to call all the credit card companies to cancel, and to know that there are still "Minnesota Nice" people in the world, renewed my Christmas spirit and made me very thankful and determined to "pay it forward" and do something nice for people whenever I can.

Julie Essame