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Letter: Some options for LaSalle Lake owners

The plan of the unwise who represent the taxpayers of Minnesota in St. Paul has been to have woods and water north of Interstate 94. South of 94 would be industry, farming and metro. The massive bailout of landowners who couldn't unload a parcel such as the LaSalle Lake project in these economic times is almost laughable, but fits well into the plan.

One can see why they would turn to the government to buy them out when you see the recent history of people such as the owners of Eagle's Landing Resort, a small parcel compared to LaSalle. The owners are year 'round residents of the Nevis area. Their children have attended school there, they've contributed to the local economy and wanted to achieve a part of the American dream. With thoughtful planning, they did their homework, and all they could, to turn their resort into a Common Interest Community or PUD. They seemed to get resistance at every meeting, mostly from a commissioner and one other person who lives on the same lake.

My advice to the Eagle's Landing owners is to get in touch with a large non-profit corporation (much like our government) and offer them a deal at two or three times what you are taxed (use the same appraiser as LaSalle's) and let's turn that little resort into a piece of property we all can pay for ... forever! Or perhaps, LaSalle Lake owners could attempt what Eagle's Landing did and offer a PUD to the Hubbard County Board and see if it's the size of the wallet that determines the outcome.

J.L. Anderson