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Letter: Some lakes with public access seem private

I would like to comment on Gary Korsgaden’s article on AIS Saturday, March 8. In his letter he mentions that some lake owners are trying to gain permission to gate access to their lakes. While they have not succeeded in actually gating

their public access, they have unofficially done just that.

Take Long Lake in Park Rapids as an example. It is a very large lake and has less parking space than Fish Hook. There are four public accesses on Long Lake. The north and south ends have room for 15, maybe 20 (combined), and if you want to shore fish good luck trying to find a spot to park! The two in the middle of the lake (residential) are a

joke. You can’t turn around to back down and there are no real places to park. There are lakes near the Cities a fourth the size with huge lots for parking. So yes, I consider it a privately owned lake that the taxpayers support for the

enjoyment of the resorts, seasonal cabin owners and residents.

Dianne Wylie

Park Rapids