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Letter: Small town America wins

Friday, June 21, hundreds of family and friends came out to support Laura Jordahl and her courageous battle with brain cancer. Family and friends greeted each other and Laura throughout the evening. There was visiting and laughter and possibly a few tears with all the hugs given.

Many made baked goods for the bake sale, which nearly sold out by the end of the evening, and everything looked delicious!

But where my heart skips a beat is what our community did.

Businesses and friends up and down Main street, north, south, east and west of town generously donated an item(s) for the silent auction, with all proceeds going to the benefit. Big or small, it didn’t matter. The fact that you so generously gave comes from the heart. Some you may know Laura very well and some not at all, yet an item was donated for the cause.

Next was the overwhelming contribution of volunteers that helped with the benefit. Whether it was soliciting silent auction items, help in planning, baking items, making phone calls, preparing the facility the night before until well after midnight, working the bake sale or silent auction or working in the kitchen making food, serving food or simply running doing whatever needed to be done, the benefit would not have been the success it was without you!

Small town America comes shining through again! Small town communities help their own and help you did.

If you were lucky enough to be the winning recipient of a silent auction item, tell that business owner/person thank you the next time you see them. And thank you for your contribution to the benefit with your purchase.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you; businesses that supported the benefit, the many volunteers, everyone that came for the dinner and those that purchased a silent auction item or bake sale item. Thank you!

We cannot takethe cancer away, but we can help.

And help you did Park Rapids and everyone that was there or contributed!

Ruth Pachel

Park Rapids