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Letter: Sen. Olson a strong voice for district

Many papers I pick up mention problems in education. Often the problems are blamed on teachers or the union that represents them. Prevailing rhetoric seems to be "get rid of," or "us against them." Communities vs. schools, parents vs. teachers, teachers vs. administration, etc., etc. I often wonder why nobody has suggested that simple, honest and effective communication at all levels might be a good place to begin.

We also need legislators who are interested in solving problems rather than handing out blame. Senator Mary Olson has a record that shows she is interested in negotiating to solve problems. She has worked to fix problems of funding differences between suburban and rural schools and has worked to promote and provide equal educational opportunities.

Because we need strong representation to keep Senate District 4 from getting lost in the shuffle, we need to do everything we can to return Senator Olson to office. She is a strong voice for northern Minnesota.

Gwen Besnett

Timothy Township

Pine River