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Letter: Sen. Olson committed to Leech Lake area

The intent of this letter is to show our support to Senator Mary Olson on behalf of the Leech Lake Fishing Task Force, which is a sub committee of the City of Walker.

When the Leech Lake community experienced a decline in the walleye fishery and a lack of local tourism, Senator Olson became involved. Her support of a bill in the Minnesota legislature helped make additional walleye stocking in Leech Lake possible. Senator Mary Olson's support of additional stocking has led to the improvement of walleye fishing and tourism in this area by supporting the Leech Lake Fishing Task Force in its efforts to improve walleye fishing on Leech Lake.

We appreciate Senator Olson's commitment to the Leech Lake area and the future of fishing and tourism on Leech Lake.

Larry Anderson

Chair of the Leech Lake Fishing Task Force