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Letter: Say 'yes' to our community

As a member of Park Rapids business community and as a parent of two children in the Park Rapids school district I feel strongly that we must support the continuation of the existing levy referendum, both for the future of our children and for the future of our community.

In 2006 the community came together to avoid a crisis by passing the current levy. While this allowed the district to maintain programs and class offerings, over the last two years the district still had to cut over $1 million. If the current levy is not extended, the school will have to begin cutting an additional million dollars. The results could be devastating for our community.

We all have a vested interest in this vote. When my family and I came to this community nearly four years ago, the quality of the school system was very important to us. Today, as we now try to attract new physicians or retain our existing physicians and other medical professionals, the quality of the school system is a significant factor.

In just the last few years this community has seen some very positive and progressive changes. We have greatly enhanced our medical facilities, the city has been progressive in investing in our infrastructure and the downtown business association has shown great leadership throughout the current main street project. It is important that we extend the current levy in order to create more opportunities for business and community growth, and to enhance and strengthen our community.

We have the opportunity to continue to provide high quality teachers, meaningful curriculum, and useful facilities for our community's students. This is our community and we need to do the right thing for our future. Please vote "yes" on Nov. 2 to continue the existing levy referendum.

Ben Koppelman

President & CEO

St. Joseph's Area Health Services