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Letter: Sandpiper pipeline alternatives

As a citizen of Northern Minnesota’s fragile ecosystems, I say to Enbridge (and apparently Minnesota Public Utilities Commission needs to hear this also), if you run the Sandpiper pipeline down I29 and east along I94 to either St. Paul or Chicago, you can eliminate the need for 2,000 easements, lots of rights-of-way and permits and crossing 76 public waterways. As I have said before, “The pipeline can run through Canada to

Niagara Falls – if they are planning to ship the oil to foreign ports.”

I already stated the advantages of the I29 and I94 route. “It is already public domain land, a 30-inch pipe will fit easily between the split highways, any leak will be quickly seen, easy access for clean-up vehicles to quickly get to any spill, traffic can be easily, temporarily, diverted for ease of clean-up when a spill occurs.”

Please add your voice to stop this travesty. Contact or call Larry Hartman. Email larry.hartman@, go online to http://mn. gov/commerce/energyfacilities/#com ment or fax 651-539-0109.

Winnie DauSchmidt

Master Naturalist, Laporte