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Letter: Sales tax proposal bad for businesses

According to my trusted Webster, "grief" means deep and poignant distress, disaster, unfortunate outcome and even annoyance.

In the Feb. 20 Enterprise front-page article, it stated, "Skoe gave a grief update about Gov. Mark Dayton's 2014-15 budget proposal." How true that statement is! When looking at the proposed increased budget, it sure would cause anybody grief! When Governor Dayton should be shrinking the budget and tightening the reins, instead he is going from a $34.9 billion dollar current budget to a proposed $37.9 billion dollar budget in the next biennium, which is an increase of $3 billion dollars in two years! The governor's new proposed state sales tax changes will be driving more businesses out of Minnesota and especially hurting border cities.

Governor Dayton needs to learn a few things from our neighbors North and South Dakota, which is where many businesses will be heading to and have already moved to because they are business-friendly states. A 2012 study by 24/7 Wall Street, which does analysis for investors, has concluded that North Dakota is the best-run state.

Good grief! In tough, economic times, you don't spend more but do more with less to have a better outcome.

Nancy Utke

Park Rapids