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Letter: Sailer will protect rural Minnesota

House District 2B candidate Brita Sailer wants rural businesses to get a fair shake at the State Capitol, and she knows what it takes to move rural Minnesota's economy forward.

Brita is a strong advocate for policies that spur job growth - she supports initiatives like the Minnesota Investment Fund that provides grants to help Minnesota businesses add new workers and retain high-quality jobs. She backs improvement to workforce development, training for workers, and repairing infrastructure like road, bridges and water systems. These are not quick fixes but they are necessary steps to strengthen rural communities.

A top priority for Brita is to restore the Homestead Credit to provide property tax relief to small businesses. The removal of the Homestead Credit hammered rural businesses that saw an impact in property tax increases three times higher than the metro area. At the legislature, Brita will work to grow rural jobs and reverse the ill-advised decision to get rid of the Homestead Credit. She is committed to protecting the quality of life in rural Minnesota and will focus on the bread and butter issues vital to a successful future.

John and Pat Corbid

LadySlipper Inn, Osage