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Letter: Sailer is a 'respected consensus-builder'

In 2011, after an extended government shutdown, the GOP controlled Legislature raided a record amount of school aid payments ($2.4 billion) to address the state's budget deficit. In 2012, the majority refused to fully pay back the billions taken earlier from school kids. A proposal to completely re-pay the IOU - by closing loopholes on foreign operating corporations - was shot down by those in charge. Now the next Legislature is left to clean up this mess.

House District 2B candidate, Brita Sailer, is the woman for the job. Brita has experience and knows that balancing the budget requires making tough choices and having clear priorities. She knows that our state's competitive advantage is our people. She understands the economic impact of shortchanging schools because a well-prepared workforce depends on a strong education system.

Brita Sailer is a respected consensus-builder who will use her interpersonal skills and good sense to tackle problems head on rather than resorting to borrowing gimmicks that result in deeper long-term debt. Brita will make schools a priority and work hard to ensure that all our kids have access to a solid education.

Alice Broughton