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Letter: Sailer has a voice for northern Minnesota

I'm a senior citizen and I keep an eye on what goes on at the Minnesota State Capitol that could well affect me in the future. It troubles me that in the last session, the Republican controlled Legislature implemented a 20 percent cut in pay for personal care attendants. PCAs are family members who provide services to the elderly or those who have serious disabilities. While we all hope to live long and healthy lives, none of us knows what's ahead and what our needs may be. The thing that is most troubling is that the Republican majority refused to ask corporate special interests or millionaires to pay one dime to solve the budget deficit. Instead, some of the most vulnerable Minnesotans were targeted for state income tax increases.

We can do something about all of this on Nov. 6. Brita Sailer is running for election to the State House of Representatives from District 2B. Brita used to represent the district I live in. Because of redistricting, I cannot vote for her this year. But folks in District 2B, you can elect Brita! She will truly be a voice for northern Minnesota in the state House!

Marilyn Heltzer