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Letter: Sailer has been proven asset for 2B

In 2004, Brita Sailer ran for a seat in the Minnesota legislature representing the citizens of District 2B, which includes all or parts of Pennington, Polk, Hubbard, Clearwater and Beltrami Counties. Population represented: approximately 36,477. She was elected and re-elected again in 2006 and 2008.

Now running again in 2010, District 2B voters know that Brita is a proven asset and has been in tune to the needs of all of its citizens. It would be a mistake if she would be thought of as a typical politician, but in today's political climate there is that danger. She is one of us. She is approachable and if you saw her walking down the street, go up to her and say "hello." You'd be in for a treat.

Do not let the prevalent political firewall be a barrier. In this day and age negative political slings and arrows have drowned out common sense and civil discourse. They will be deflected by "truth" and reason. Whatever political party you belong to, do not give into this behavior. Hear and listen to both sides. Brita believes and practices this.

One thing I know a lot about is "attention to duty." This describes Brita Sailer's time in office.

Bill Medellin

Lt. Col. USAF-Ret

Park Rapids