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Letter: Sailer is better choice for District 2B

A few short weeks ago District 2B voters went to the polls to choose between two candidates representing different perspectives within the Republican Party. The party faithful chose Steve Green and a narrow range of social issues over David Collins, an effective and experienced advocate for business, economic development, education and job growth for our region.

While I am deeply respectful that many Republicans hold sincere convictions on certain social issues, I think David Collins made the better case for collaboration and moderation as a strategy for effective representation and governance for the many, diverse, and complex needs of communities and businesses in North Central Minnesota. Unfortunately, for a like-minded right/center moderate like me, Republican primary voters didn't see it that way.

So, what to do? Vote the party line? Or vote for the candidate most likely to effectively represent the needs of District 2B? Ultimately, every voter thinking about crossing over the party line does so after a little soul searching, and then makes the choice they believe is better for their community. In this case, Brita Sailer is the better choice for Park Rapids.

Alan Zemek

Park Rapids