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Letter: Sailer is best candidate for House

Brita Sailer knows firsthand the importance of education. She educated herself, then her children, then spent time in schools teaching about recycling and the environment, and finally moved to defending in the legislature the right of everyone to have a quality education.

She understands that education is perhaps the best way (other than coming from a rich family) for individuals to improve their living conditions, that with education come innovations necessary for a strong economy, and that without it, people are more easily manipulated by those with money and power. Well-educated citizens are vital for the survival of a successful democracy, and public education is the one area where everyone should have equal opportunities. It shouldn't matter if you live in the Cities or a rural area; a high-quality, free K-12 education must be available to everyone, and Brita Sailer will fight for that right.

Education doesn't end with K-12 however. Students with moderate or lower family financial support must be able to find low-cost funding to attend technical schools and colleges. Brains aren't given to children on the basis of their parents' income. What a waste for our country if only rich people's children could afford higher education. Brita will work hard to provide the funding that keeps tuition costs down, student loan interest low and ensures that programs like Pell grants, work-study, and Stafford loans remain available for Minnesota students.

As a teacher with personal experience working with Brita in the past, I value many aspects of her personality, such as intelligence, creative problem-solving skills, empathy for others, hard work ethic, honesty, etc., but for me the two most important elements she will bring to the Minnesota Legislature are these: Brita sincerely listens. She tries to get others' views and insights while collecting all available factual information on an issue. Secondly, she is very capable of making decisions beneficial to our area and to the state as a whole without just being a rubber stamp for a national political party.

Brita can be trusted to work hard for all of us, no matter our political party, income, gender, race, or age. She is the best candidate overall, but when it comes to the issue of protecting quality education for every Minnesota child, Brita Sailer is the undisputed favorite.

Linda Uscola