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Letter: Roger Erickson will represent us

Election Day is quickly approaching; we have the opportunity to vote for the person who will represent the citizens of Outstate Minnesota.

I firmly believe that Roger Erickson is the person who can best represent the things that we are most concerned about here in the farthest most part of the state.

As a former teacher who spent much of his life contributing to the shaping of the lives and minds of young people in Minnesota, Mr. Erickson understands the impact of state cuts to local small counties, and most especially cuts in state aid to smaller public schools like our own, the only school in our county, whose teachers work very hard to provide quality education with shrinking state assistance. These young people are the future of Minnesota.

As a person who works with high-risk children and their mostly lower income families, I have seen an escalation in the problems that young people are having at earlier ages; many of their parents are the hardworking poor of Minnesota. Cuts in funding to early intervention programs means that our kids in Outstate Minnesota have fewer opportunities to build the competencies and skills they will need to succeed in their adult years. I believe that Roger Erickson will keep the safety and well being of our children in mind and do what he can to see that they are not forgotten because they live so far from the Metro area.

I believe that Roger Erickson will represent for us, the Minnesota values we hold dear; hard work, responsibility, fair and equal treatment of all people, and the Minnesota way of life we enjoy. Roger Erickson has my vote!

Maripat Oberg

Williams, Minn.