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Letter: Rick Nolan will represent constituents

Our 8th District congressman, Chip Cravaack, made some promises when he ousted Jim Oberstar two years ago. He hasn't kept them.

Cravaack said Oberstar wasn't spending much time in the district, but after Cravaack was elected he packed his briefcase for Washington, moved the family to New Hampshire, and hasn't been seen in this area.

Cravaack also said he'd represent his constituents, but he's been an obedient servant of the Republican leadership that is out of touch with the concerns of this area by voting for cuts to Medicare that affect our seniors, supporting tax cuts for higher income persons rather than the typical taxpayer in our district and being more concerned with tax breaks for oil companies than the area's small businesses.

Rick Nolan, a former congressman who knows the interests of his constituents and will represent them, will be more trusted this time around to protect Medicare, support our kinds of businesses, target waste instead of taxpayers to balance the budget and listen to Main Street, not Wall Street.

Vic Olson