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Letter: A response to my votes on budget bills

Recently a citizen wrote in with concerns relating to my votes on budget bills. I’m happy to respond.

During the 2013 Legislative Session, democrats increased government spending by 12 percent – a whopping $4 billion of your tax dollars. That’s $1,500 of additional tax burden for every man, woman, and child in Minnesota. While state government may have a surplus of tax dollars, most Minnesota families aren’t experiencing that luxury.

We’re already seeing warning signs that Minnesota’s economy is not responding favorably to the budget the democrat-controlled legislature enacted. Between February and May, we had four straight months of revenue shortfalls. Along with my republican colleagues, I urged the legislature to take a more balanced approach with spending our tax dollars instead of choosing to waste the public’s money on a $90 million office building for legislators and pay raises for politicians. I also voted against $21 million to renovate the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, $403 million to bail out the democrats’ failed version of Obamacare and $5 million to renovate the Palace Theater in downtown St. Paul.

As a member of the Natural Resources Committee, I focused much of my time and efforts working to secure funding to fight the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species in our lakes. Our lakes are an important natural resource for our state and need to be protected.

I would welcome anyone with questions about these, or any other issues, to contact me via email at

Rep. Steve Green