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Letter: A response to Menahga's scores

In Wednesday's Review Messenger and today's Enterprise, a letter to the editor was published from a citizen who was confused about Menahga School District's great reputation, which is a big reason for our positive open enrollment numbers. The citizen was wondering how that could be when the results of our GRAD scores put us below the State average. I would like to answer his questions.

How can we be below the state average? Minnesota is the highest achieving state in the entire United States. Minnesota's ACT scores have been first for the past several years. Minnesota also scores extremely well compared to other states on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. So in this case "average" is not like a "C." Average is trying to score at the same rate as some of the most accomplished students in the U.S.

Who is taking responsibility? I take full responsibility with an immense amount of pride. The scores for grades 3-8 have since been released. For those grade levels, Menahga School District scored above the state average in both reading and math. In addition, Menahga School District made Adequate Yearly Progress for the 2009-10 school year. Please pay attention in the next few weeks and listen to the results of districts throughout the state of Minnesota. Very few school districts are able to make AYP this close to the 2013 date when all students are expected to be 100 percent proficient under the NCLB law.

What are we doing about it? Our reading program is exemplary. Schools from all over the region visit our elementary to learn what we do to be successful in reading. We have used state and classroom data to determine areas of concern within our math program. Since December 2009, we have written and secured six grants totaling more than $300,000 to provide teachers with the necessary tools and professional development they need to engage students in learning.

We are working very hard to pass a bond referendum, but we never take our eye off providing the best education possible for the students of this district.

Mary Klamm

Menahga School District