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Letter: Republicans must accept election results and move on

We, the Hubbard County Republicans, would like to thank our local media for providing the forum and support and endorsement of many of the Republican candidates. Although we may be disappointed with the election results, we must accept the will of the electorate and move on.

We, as conservatives, have lost a battle but it does not mean we lost the war. The country became split as a result of President George W. Bush's first election and vote recount in Florida.

Polarization deepened because of the Iraq war. Congress practiced gridlock four of the last six years. The recent campaign split rich against poor, single women against married women, old against young, free enterprise against social justice, race against race, and takers against makers. These are serious problems that need to be corrected and must be corrected for our republic to survive. We are all Americans, not individual groups; therefore, these problems can be corrected by uniting and working together.

Individually, we have the constitutional right to liberty, freedom, and opportunity to achieve our dreams. We should not blame others for our failures, inadequacies, and status. We must accept responsibility for them, make corrections, and move on.

Collectively, we must demand that our newly elected public officials fulfill their promises to work together regardless of political party to do what is necessary to get our state and country on a sound foundation with a robust economy by balancing budgets, cutting spending and taxes, creating jobs, and shrinking government.

Let's hold their feet to the fire, and if they don't do what we expect, there will be another election in two years and another one in four years.

Hubbard County Republicans

Paul Utke, Chairman