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Letter: Reasons why I hate Obamacare

 One of the reasons I “hate” Obamacare is very easy for many to understand. Because of Obamacare, our insurance premiums for our family this next year, are going up 50 percent. I know this, because we got the letter in the mail. It looks like the promise that Obamacare was going to make health insurance more affordable, isn’t happening. 

   If Obamacare is not repealed, pretty soon anybody who works hard and pays their own way, will be slaves to the government. Most of our income will be used to pay for taxes, and to pay for nationalized insurance with no guarantee the bureaucrats will approve actual care when we need it. We will be paying for ourselves, and for those the government has chosen to subsidize and some of them can afford it better than the working people!

Helen Lehto