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Letter: Reasons to vote yes on Voter ID

My questions for your readers are: Do you lock the doors to your home? Do you lock the doors for your vehicle? Do you have passwords for your computer, various accounts, etc.? Why? I would suggest that the reason is to keep anyone who shouldn't be in your home, in your vehicle or who shouldn't have access to your bank or programs, etc., out of them. Well, that's the same way I feel about our country's borders and our polling booths! And to me the people who are violating our voting laws are not always the same ones violating our borders. ACORN is a great example of that but keep in mind that not all of our fraudulent voters are part of an organized group even if their intent may be the same.

This is a powerful reason to vote yes for the Voter ID amendment. Please don't listen to all those opponents who are making inaccurate claims about the cost for people, especially the elderly, to get a picture ID. Read the amendment. Go to and get the actual information rather than listening to the lies and losing the security to your vote and our country.

Patricia Crabb