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Letter: Reader lists ways to kill a small town

First, be sure to criticize others for how they do their jobs. Even though you've never done their job, you know that job better than they do.

Hang out with small- minded people. Work hard at denigrating others who are different, who don't think like you do, or are less fortunate than you are.

Spread rumors, even if you don't know if they are true. Be sure to embellish them as you pass them along.

Laugh at others misfortunes and mistakes. Glory in the fact that they are suffering and you're not.

Be sure to harbor a grudge. Nothing's better than getting even or making someone else's life as miserable as yours.

Be rude, be a bully. God knows we all make ourselves bigger when we make someone else feel small.

Be sure to go to church on Sunday. Not to listen to what the Pastor says. Instead go in order to assuage your guilt and to feel better than those who don't attend church.

Do not, in any way, try to see things from another's perspective. Your way is the only way.

Don't do any research and find out the truth before loudly complaining about something.

Make fun of people who work hard to make the town better for everyone. We all know they only want to make themselves look good.

Only invest your energy into creating problems. Don't attempt to be part of any solution where everyone benefits. It's much more effective to blame and punish someone in order to fix things.

Andrea Thelin