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Letter: A question about the two-line bill for Minnesota anglers

After reading Mike Gravdahl's article in the Saturday, Jan. 29 Enterprise I thought I would comment on the two-line issue.

This is something I have wondered for many years. Why not use two lines in the summer? Other states allow two lines and many charters and down rigging operations have many lines in. Isn't the catch and possession limit regardless of how many lines you use?

If you are a good angler, have a good boat and catch your limit you go home. How could using two lines increase fishing pressure? Unless it is to deny an angler who is a novice or has a decrepit old boat like mine so I have less opportunity or luck fishing. I'm also curious about pro-fishing shows. You always see them landing another angler's fish or running to tend to their line. Isn't this illegal in Minnesota? Just wondering the reasoning behind the number of lines issue.

Dianne Wylie

Park Rapids