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Letter: Protecting and preserving wildlife

As a resident of Hay Creek and the Park Rapids community, and as a patron of Itasca State Park, I am speaking on behalf of the wildlife that trust me to help take care of them.

It’s spring and soon the trumpeter swans will return, along with the Great Blue Herons, Canadian geese, loons, wood ducks, buffleheads, hooded mergansers, the red-winged blackbirds, in addition to a host of other birds that depend on Hay Creek for food, shelter, mating, and raising their young. The turtles and frogs will crawl out of their long hibernation along the banks of the creek. The walleye and northern pike will be moving from Island Lake to Hay Creek to spawn. The beavers, otters and muskrats will soon be spotted swimming in the creek, looking for a log or a frozen sheet of ice where they can bask in the warm sunshine. And all summer long, and into the fall, as I do my part to take care of Hay Creek, these animals surround me with their calls, noises, and sightings, as if in gratitude for protecting their environment. On behalf of the animals and their surroundings, I am opposed to any “accident” that could harm or kill them. Underground oil pipelines, criss-crossing our creeks, rivers and streams, don’t stay safe forever. In time, there will be an “accident.”

I am against the Enbridge Energy proposed new Sandpiper pipeline that would be built alongside Itasca State Park, and under Hay Creek, Straight River, Shell River and Fish Hook River. I am speaking up as a steward of my beautiful environment.

Carol Schellack

Park Rapids