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Letter: President Obama has not followed through

With all due respect for the office of the United States presidency, the present occupant of the White House lacks credibility, honesty and a blurred vision for our country's future.

I still can't believe Mr. Obama on racial issues when he sat in the church of a raving, anti-American, anti-Semitic, racist like Rev. Wright for almost a quarter of a century and did not recognize his preacher's hateful spiels.

Mr. Obama promised to close Gitmo, bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and have the economy marching back within a year. Nothing of the sort has happened. If anything, his economic policies are so far out of line that they could easily (if they haven't already!) send the country into irreparable financial ruin. He's trying to spend money we simply don't have.

His immigration policy is outright disaster. He refuses to uphold America's immigration laws and does nothing to protect our borders against illegals, many of them drug dealers and killers. Yet he attacks the state of Arizona for trying to uphold laws that are the responsibility of the federal government.

And Mr. Obama can stop blaming his problems on all the ills he inherited from President Bush. Lest my Democratic friends forget, during the campaign of 2008, Obama cited all sorts of shortcomings of the Bush Administration (some real, some not), saying that he could fix them all within the first year. You don't remember those glowing speeches?

Sorry, this is one of the worst bumblers we've ever had running the country. He's even more inept than Jimmy Carter. And that says a lot!

Oh, did I mention Obama's "skillful" handling of the Gulf oil crisis? Sorry. Ran out of time and space.

Tom R. Kovach