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Letter: Preschool also offered at St. Johns

In light of the front page story on education in Park Rapids on March 22, I would like to remind your readers that St. Johns Lutheran Church has offered the community a high quality, state certified preschool for nearly 30 years.

Averaging about 50 students each year, the focus of St. Johns ABC Preschool has always been on preparing the children for kindergarten and beyond. We work on important educational goals such as pre-reading skills, letter recognition, writing, science and math skills. We also work on developing necessary social skills like sharing, paying attention to peers, following direction, working both cooperatively and independently, and self-control.

Our director regularly checks with area kindergarten teachers to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding expectations for kindergarten entrance. We also have the freedom to have a Bible story each week and pray before snack. We are a tuition based school, but thanks to the generosity of St. Johns members we are able to keep our rates very reasonable and offer scholarship assistance to families who need extra help. Serving nearly 1,500 preschoolers in our history we are very happy to support the education effort of the Park Rapids area.

Pastor Jim Neubauer

St. Johns Lutheran Church