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Letter: Powerline project could increase value

This is to the residents opposed to the substation saying "not in my backyard."

In the Badoura Project, when Great River Energy went from the Badoura Substation to Long Lake, a distance of 25 miles or so, the line went from 34k to 115k and was 50 to 55 years old. The old ROW was widened. This was all done to increase power to the Park Rapids area.

It went through rural areas, across fields, around the edge of fields and through tree areas. With additional wire some people have a mile or more of line.

Then last fall a new line replaced another older line 34k to 115k to increase power along Highway 371.

I live east of the Badoura sub 2 miles and have over a mile of new line. Some of the area is in pasture where linemen went in and out many times a day making you wonder if the gates are closed and hooked. Some trees were lost with the additional ROW. I also wonder if the poles are in the same area as old poles so they're not in the way of irrigation systems, which are powered by a diesel unit. This line is in addition to the Itasca Mantrap line service power.

The increase in value should bring in more tax dollars to the township. The valuation of private land did not go down on the tax statement. All I'm saying is what comes around goes around.

Raymond Peterson