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Letter: Please explain icy county roads

I am wondering why the cities get so much attention. Your crews are out in full force, laying down chemicals and sand. However in Hubbard and Beltrami County, we can't even get sand. Highway 71 is glare ice. I have seen more cars in the ditch the past two days than I saw all last year. There is a school (Horace May) located on Highway 71 that is a very dangerous place, now add glare ice to that situation with no sand, people were sliding all over the place this morning.

There is no sand on corners, at stop signs, on hills or near dangerous intersections. I have been commuting from Park Rapids to Bemidji for 10 years and I think this is the poorest I have ever seen this road. It's a disappointment that there is little value put on our lives here in northern Minnesota. We pay taxes just like everyone else and we should have safe road conditions as well.

I don't understand. So please explain why we can't even get sand on our roads to make it safe.

Carrie Olson

Park Rapids