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Letter: 'Pioneer Park' is not finished

"Pioneer Park" was so named because 10 years ago its advocates assured the city council that they would raise money for a park honoring early settlers. However, the promised donations for a "Pioneer Park" never materialized. Now, after years of living with the vacant lot, the city has decided to install the landscaping portion of a new plan. The boulders that Mr. Bjorn criticized in a letter to the editor are a work-in-progress, part of an unfinished landscape design that suggests a boundary with the alley while creating a space to welcome those who want a breather from the bustle.

For those who are emotionally invested in pioneer forebears, I suggest involvement in the Antique Tractor Club or Lake Itasca Pioneer Farmers events. Maybe they could join the Hubbard County Historical Society or Genealogical Society.

I've traveled all over the world, and I've seen many small towns. We're fortunate that Park Rapids has a mayor whose intelligence, vision, and integrity inform municipal decisions. Personally, I'm very grateful that Mayor Nancy Carroll has encouraged overdue infrastructure initiatives and significant aesthetic improvements. Discerning leadership is sometimes rare in small towns; Park Rapids is lucky to have Nancy Carroll!

Richard Smith

Park Rapids