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Letter: Pick a different pipeline route

We would like to voice our protest against Enbridge’s proposed pipeline through Hubbard County.

The soil through these lake areas is sandy and permeable. Water travels swiftly from tributary to tributary following chains on down to the Headwaters of the Mississippi in an area of pristine beauty.

The heavy gunk you propose to fill this pipeline with is very different than the natural gas lines that now come down. As shown in your large leak in Wisconsin this substance is extremely difficult to clean up once there is a leak.

My suggestion is, as a product of North Dakota, let your line to Fargo, N.D. and roughly follow Highway 29 to the Minnesota River terminal. Or, as a Canadian Company, could not the pipeline follow its border and the Iron Range counties and then go into Lake Superior and your Duluth/Superior terminal?

Marilyn Bristow

Park Rapids